Best 50cc Scooter Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for something that let you escape from the traffic without too much difficulty, or you have just turned 16 & want to buy your first motorbike? Then you have reached the right place where we will provide you all the related information about the best 50cc scooter that is a perfect option for you. Popular with the name of mopeds among the people, this vehicle will allow you to experience motorcycling efficiently. 

Furthermore, there is nothing a better option for the people who want to make their first ride. However, selecting an ideal 50cc scooter is never an easy task as there are hundreds of choices available in the market. The people often get confused due to the marketing techniques used by the automobile companies these days. But, here we will tell you about the best ones so that you can choose as per your requirements and taste.

Top Four 50cc Scooters Review

Now, we will talk about the top products when it comes to the top 50cc scooters. You will get details about each of them correctly so that you can easily make your choice.

The scooter with whom we will start our list is the TaoTao ATM50-A. It has incredible fuel efficiency and power through the gas. The majority of its users calls it a perfect weekend warrior having a powerful engine that has the speed of 40mph. The company has added a dual option to start the vehicle as it has both electric & kick start. It has been top-seller for almost ten years that proves its authenticity and high-quality.

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Main Features:

CVT based transmission

The company has employed CVT based transmission in this scooter that makes it a fully automatic vehicle. Having this feature at such an affordable price makes it a hell of an investment.

Locking mechanism

It is one of the best 50cc mopeds that feature a locking mechanism for the steering column that make sure the thieves stay away from it. The trunk can be locked and have two keys for making sure your precious things remain completely safe.

Disc front brakes

There are disc brakes installed on the front wheel of the scooter that make sure the vehicle stop immediately. It promotes the safety of the rider and promotes confidence, especially among the newcomers.

Excellent gas saver

It is a gas-powered vehicle that doesn’t put much pressure on your pocket. This feature makes it a perfect option for traveling longer working distances.

Aerodynamic Styling

The aerodynamic design of the vehicle makes it a perfect style statement for the people who like to stay trendy.

CARB Approved

One of the most exciting features about this scooter is that the California Air Resources Board approves it. It shows that there isn’t a great amount of pollution generated by the vehicle.

Dash mounted controls

In order to make riding fun and easy, the company has added some simple dash-mounted controls, such as twist throttle, speedometer, electric start, and light signals.

  • There are very few 50cc scooters available on the market that can offer speeds up to 40mph to the riders and Tao Tao ATM50-A1 is one of them.
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    The size of this scooter makes it perfect for the adults as well as teenagers who want to enjoy their first size.
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    The scooter is very easier to assemble and takes less than 1 hour. All the instructions are provided in the manual for making sure a person doesn’t feel any issue while assembling.
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    There is very little maintenance demanded by this scooter that makes it a perfect investment for the people who are short of money.
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    It is one of the best scooter that comes with enough space for the two adults to sit comfortably.
  • There is no warranty available for the wear items, such as hoses, bulbs, brake pads, tires, etc.
  • The manufacturer strongly recommends that the assembly work should be performed by a certified and licensed mechanic that might add some extra cost.
  • Some complaints about the starting problems in the scooter.

When it comes to style and reliability, no scooter can beat the Zummer 50cc. This vehicle has a classic appearance that can immediately grab attention. The main purpose of the company behind making this one of the best scooter is classy & unique. Without any doubt, they become entirely successful in it. There is synthetic oil used by the scooter’s engine that makes sure it has a great fuel consumption. You will be successful in saving lots of money if you choose to buy this wonderful option.

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Main Features

Pretty amazing air-cooled engine

If you want a scooter that stays with you for years to come, then this scooter with the air-cooled engine is the best option. It makes sure the vehicle run smoother without any types of overheating. Furthermore, it promotes safer driving at every end for the rider.

CVT Belt Drive Automatic Transmission

The company has employed automatic transmission that makes sure the rider can go through traffic without much effort. It assists them to enjoy a quick & a safer ride in the traffic without any danger.

12-inch tires

There are 12-inch tires installed in this scooter that make the best option for the people who want to save their hard-earned money. It features a speedometer, rear view mirrors, and tall lights that make a perfect for any rider who want to escape from the traffic. Additionally, the handling becomes easier & fuss-free due to the large handle rims.

Top-class design

Without any doubt, one of the best scooter regarding beautiful design and unique look. It is available in many different colors that include white, black, blue, red, and green. The company has kept the demand for all types of people in mind and make sure they get the right color as per their requirements. It has a big front headlight that allows this scooter to have a sporty look.

10-inch aluminum rims

To make the handling easier, the company has used 10-inch aluminum. Due to these rims, the handing becomes easier, and the vehicle moves through the traffic smoothly without creating any disturbance.

Dual Shock Suspension

This equipment is used to absorb all types of shocks on the road that makes ride extremely comfortable.

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    The scooter is packaged well by the company and comes with a very useful manual that makes sure the handlebar, front tire, and other parts can be assembled easily.
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    It is a dependable product that is made up of using the high-quality material.
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    This vehicle has an incredible speed that can go up to 35MPH due to its lightweight design. The rider feels it easy to cruise through cemented & curved roads.
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    The scooter comes with a plethora of features that include hydraulic suspension, electric start, and front & rear hand brakes. All these things make it easier to ride the vehicle comfortably.
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    It can easily pass through the traffic because of the CVT belt drive automatic transmission. 


  • Certain parts of the scooter are made up of the below-average material. However, it works perfectly for years without creating problems.
  • Some oil comes in default with the engine that is pretty difficult to replace with a motor-engine oil. 

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It is a perfect option for the riders who want a complete blend of style and power. The company has added a beautiful design and a robust engine for making sure it can go through the urban traffic easily. This scooter is a completely fuel-efficient that make it reliable for getting around the city.

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Main Features:

Air-cooled & 4-stroke engine

This vehicle is powered by the a4-stroke engine that is efficient for producing a great power during acceleration. Additionally, its 50cc engine gives a great gas mileage making it a very cost-effective option for people who want to save money on fuel.

Modern Elegant Design

The Thunder 50cc comes with an elegant modern design that can immediately grab anyone’s attention. So, if you want to make a trip around the town for impressing the people, then this is the most suitable option for you.

Automatic Transmission

In order to make sure the operational fuss remain minimal, the company has added electric start & automatic transmission in this model. All this makes it one of the great 50cc scooters that you can find in the market. You can use GPS Navigation in this scooter. 

Video instructions

The majority of scooters only comes with a written manual, but that’s not the case with the TaoTao Thunder 50cc. Here, you will find a video DVD that will explain all the things about assembly in detail. It makes sure you don’t find any difficulty while assembling the scooter.

CARB Approved

There are very few scooters that are approved by the California Air Resources Board that truly how amazing this model can be. This certificate makes sure you can drive this vehicle on California’s street without any worry.

Limited 6-month warranty

There is 6-month warranty offered by the company on this model’s engine and transmission components. However, it doesn’t cover wear products, including filters, hoses, bulbs, etc.

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    You will able to travel more than 100 miles for fuel consumption of 1.2 gallons of fuel. You can propel the speed of vehicle up to 35 mph and still, the engine gives same mileage.
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    The riders can enjoy fast gateway due to the electric start & automatic transmission. It enhances the riding experience and makes the sure person stay comfortable.
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    The ground clearance of 4.33 inches makes it a purely enjoyable experience for the riders. It allows them to go through the traffic without much delay.
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    It has many extensive features that include sports wheel, dual stage paint treatment, high-quality polyurethane seat, halogen bulbs, and lockable rear trunk. One can’t find them on the other scooters available at this price.
  • There are complaints about the leakage in the petcock valve after a prolonged period of use. However, this is a minor problem that can be eliminated by replacing the valve.
  • The company hasn’t provided any reading instructions manual for assembling the vehicle. Although, a video DVD is provided by following which it can be easily assembled.
  • The price of this vehicle is a little bit when compared to other options in this list. But, the price is worth to pay.

One of the latest models launched by the TaoTao, the ATM50 is known as the best-selling products for years now. The company has added all those features that were missing in the previous models. Buying one of these perfact scooters will allow you to save a great amount of gas and get a sturdy-look vehicle.

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Main Features:

Totally automatic vehicle

The ATM 50cc is a completely automatic vehicle that only demands to twist the throttle for starting it. You will be able to ride the vehicle in a matter of seconds successfully. There is no frustration & fussing involved while operating the vehicle that saves your time as well as money in the traffic jams.

Durable engine power

It has a strong 50cc engine that can work as the perfect transport option for exploring the city. The scooter is propelled effortlessly by the engine that allows you have a safer ride at a satisfactory speed.

Range of colors

This scooter is available in many different types of colors that include red, pink, and black. It allows the individuals to get a chance product of your choice, especially girls who are very choosy when it comes to colors.

Safety features

This vehicle is equipped with a rear drum brake that allows the rider to have safer stops instantly without any problem. It is pretty important to stay safe during riding, especially the teenagers who are riding vehicle for the first time.

CVT Drive System

The company has added a CVT drive system in this vehicle that eliminates all types of gear hunting when the vehicle decelerates during heavier loading. It is often seen that 50cc scooters feel pressure under the load, but that’s not the case with the ATM 50cc.

10-inches rims

The company used high-quality steel rims for making sure that the wheels stay protected against any kind of wear & tear. They have kept all the durability feature in mind and delivered a wonderful product.

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    The product is available at a fantastic price that fits in everyone’s budget. You don’t have to pay a hefty amount of money for shopping this scooter.
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    It has a matte finish body that doesn’t get chips & scrapes much easily.
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    There is a rear drum brake that allows your vehicle to stop on the road instantly. It promotes the safety of the rider on the road.
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    It is a gas powered scooter that makes sure you save a great amount of money in the long run.
  • The most amazing thing about this product is that the company only offers a limited 30-day warranty. However, that’s not such a serious issue as it doesn’t create any issues even after years of use.
  • Some parts of this scooter are made up of the poor-quality plastic. The company should have made it better.

How to select best 50cc scooter?

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while choosing one that works perfectly for you. The best 50cc mopeds offer great advantages to the rider that can only be experienced once you ride on it. Now, check the tips that you have to follow while selecting one for you.

Determining its use

First of all, you have to ask yourself where the scooter will be used before selecting one. The person’s lifestyle can easily be assumed through the type of scooter they choose. If you are looking for a convenient & cost-effective option, then go for the one that gives greater mileage.

On the other hand, if you want a scooter that is suitable for a harsh ride, then go for the one having a sturdy look.

Think about your budget

The people who usually buy 50cc scooters look for a cost-effective option to travel. Furthermore, it is possible to stay within your budget with these types of scooters as many companies manufacture scooters at a lower price. So, you should go for one of those 50cc scooters that fit your budget.

Think about safety

When one talks about the safety, there is no difference between motorcycles and scooters. They both fall into the similar category that offers the least amount of protection. However, it is still important to explore through some of the best scooters that don’t compromise with the safety feature.

Storage feature

Many people prefer to have ample under-seat storage on their scooter. If you are one of those people, then it is important to go for the one that has some under-seat storage. Check out the image of scooters for getting a great sense of possibilities that offered by them.

What are the major advantages of 50 cc scooters?

There is a great range of advantages offered by the 50cc scooters for the riders that we have explained below:

Easier to run

One of the best things about these scooters is their lightweight & easier operation. You don’t have to worry about changing gears, and all you need to do is turn the throttle. All these things make it a perfect vehicle for the beginners.

Economical to run

The majority of the 50cc scooters offers a great mileage to the riders. There is the minimal amount of fuel consumed by these scooters. Furthermore, it can go through the traffic due to its small size that saves fuel.

No motorcycle license needed

There is no need for a driving license for operating a 50cc scooter. That’s why even a 16-year-old can drive it without any worry of traffic police.


All the models mentioned above are the best 50cc scooter that you can find in the market. They come up with all those features that are demanded by a rider on a small bike. You can roam around the city without any worry about the traffic as this vehicle requires a minimal amount of space to go through. Furthermore, it gives an excellent mileage that can result in saving your hard-earned money.

So, if you have any question or query related to the 50cc scooters, feel free to write them in the comment box.

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