The Best Bushcraft Axe For Your Camping

Are you an adventure enthusiast who often go on outdoor tours and want to make sure your survival kit is fully completed? If yes, then there is a strong chance that you must understand the importance of the best bushcraft axe. The majority of people doesn’t think it holds much importance, but the reality is much different. Without any doubt, it is one of the most vital equipment that should remain in your survival kit.


Furthermore, having a sturdy and high-quality bushcraft axe is extremely useful for the individuals who work with lumber or any other type of woodwork. The incredible strength and versatility of this equipment make it perfect for many different kinds of situations, such as camping, wood cutting, etc. It is an extremely incredible tool whose first version was invented by our ancestor's hundreds of years ago. Despite being an old tool, a bushcraft axe still retails its purpose and importance to the modern world.

They are a highly versatile product that is small enough that can be carried easily without any difficulty. The most fantastic thing about bushcraft axe is that they might be more burdensome for completing their job, but extremely light in weight that can be carried easily.Along with being versatile, they are extremely easier to handle when compared to the other bigger axes available in the market. Overall, it is an excellent tool for simple cutting works that include chopping, carving, and splitting.

However, there are lots of choices available in the market that makes it extremely difficult to find the perfect bushcraft axe. If you are one of those people who often gets puzzled due to the huge variety of things, then you are probably at the right place. In this post, we will tell you about the top 5 bushcraft axe available in the market. Read the complete article carefully and then choose as per your needs.

Best Bushcraft Axe Comparison Table


Product Name

Product Description


Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Ax​​​​e

19 Inch, 2.2 pounds, 

Made In Sweden

Estwing Sportsman's Axe

14" (Inches), 1.86 pounds, American steel

Gransfors Bruk Wildlife Hatchet

13.50 inch,1.3 pounds, 

Husqvarna  19" Wooden Carpenter Axe

20 x 6.5 x 1.6 inches, 2.4 pounds

Wetterlings SAW118 Outdoor Axe Knife

1.8 x 6.8 x 19.5 inches ; 2.36 pounds

Top 5 Bushcraft Axe Reviews

Gransfors Bruks is a highly-qualified product that is manufactured in Sweden and comes with a 19-inch handle. The main reason this product deserves to top the list is its solidity. You will be amazed to know they are still manufactured in the small Swiss village named Gransfors. If you are one of those who is looking for an axe that can use for adventure and camping, then choose this axe without thinking further. It has a large head make it useful for the tougher jobs. The weight of this product is just 2 pounds that make sure you can carry it easily from one place to another.

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All the handles of this product are created by following the Swedish traditions that are set by the Erik Persson. Additionally, it has some extra power that makes sure it can complete its work to fell and limb trees efficiently. It has an ergonomic and comfortable grip that make sure you can complete your job hassle-free. An added benefit to buying this product is that it comes with a 20-year warranty that you can find in quite a low number of products in the market. The manufacturer gives an axe book explained in the English language for free with this best bushcraft ax.

This classic Swedish/ Western style has an incredibly stylish finish that performs exceptionally during working. If you are looking for exceptional performance, then buy this product now.

  • Weigh just 2 pounds
  • check
    Can easily fit in your backpack
  • check
    Extremely powerful and sturdy axe
  • check
    Manufactured using ancient traditions
  • Price is on a higher side
  • Not compact as modern axes

Crafted in the United States, it is a highly efficient product that is made up of 1055 carbon steel. The Estwing E24A Sportsman is further heated to match the safety requirements of ASME. This bushcraft axe has been continuously manufactured since 1923 and become a staple in this field. The company has used high-quality leather for making sure it gives complete comfort and excellent grip to the users. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that it minimises the shock that gets transmitted in the handle. Its 14-inch steel handle is equipped with polished and stacked leather washers that give a firm grip to the users.

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There are lots of reasons for the popularity of this great hatchet among the people. It has one-piece forged steel design that makes sure the buyer doesn’t have to change its handle for any reason in their life. The weight of this hatchet is just one lb. That is almost impossible to believe. You can carry it in your backpack. Overall, this product is worth to invest your hard-earned money without any worry.

The axe’s hatchet head never get loose as it is drop-forged strongly with the help of beautiful steel so that it never fails. In addition to that, the company has added a sturdy nylon sheath for extra stability. So, if you want to shop a correctly built outdoor axe, then go for this one. It can comfortably fit in your bag due to its small size. The quality of Estwing’s axe remains same lifelong so you can make a hell of an investment for an adventure lover.

  • check
    High-quality product at an affordable price
  • check
    Excellent & comfortable leather grip
  • check
    Long lasting product
  • check
    Provide complete protection to the hands
  • Handle can’t be replaced
  • Some complaints about its black stains

Gransfors is the market leader in this field who has been manufacturing perfect bushcraft axe for more than 100 years now. This product is made from top-quality carbon steel, whereas its handles are built of grain hickory. Furthermore, the axe head is finished by the company in a partial manner with a polish at the front and a forged surface at the rear end. Some incredible features of this axe include a heavy-duty nylon sheath, a hand sharpened cutting edge, and leather grip. This astonishing axe is available in two different sizes, 12 inches or 14 inches sizes.

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It has a one-piece design that makes sure you never have to tighten its head again. This is a traditional type of axe that has same head as the hand hatchet, but it has a much longer handle that make sure axe has better power. You can lop off the bigger branches easily with this axe. The Gransfors Bruk Wildlife hatchet is a multi-purpose tool that can work in many different ways. It is one of those axes that will give you for what you are paying. If you choose to invest your hard earned money in this product, then you will have a truly high-quality axe.

This kind of product was never worn out for many years due to its extreme solidity and top-quality material. If you do proper care of this best survival axe, then there is an excellent chance that it will work pretty well for any wilderness for the lifetime.

  • check
    Perfect for bushcraft needs
  • check
    Pretty solid product that can last for years
  • check
    Thin profile provides better precision work
  • check
    Well-balanced product
  • check
    Perform a great variety of works
  • Minor complaints about the axe head

A perfect option for the people who are looking for an axe that offers stability as well as control while cutting work should go for this one. It has a long edge that is ideal for carpentry work and outdoor use in the jungle. The manufacturer has given maximum control for cutting by providing a minimal distance between the hand grip and cutting edge. There is also a leather edge in the axe that offers a comfortable grip. Furthermore, there is hickory shaft attached to the head that is adequately protected by the wooden wedge and steel. The color of this best bushcraft axe is grey, and it comes in a range of sizes that include 27 inches, 26 inches, 23 inches, 19 inches, and 13 inches.

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It is created by Swedish manufacturer who has forged it through the hand. The total weight of this axe is just 2.4 pounds that might be more than the other options available in this list, but the product is worth to enjoy. If this axe is maintained in good condition, then there are full chances that it will last for many years. It is strongly advised that you should keep it in the cool places as the handle material can shrink due to hotness.

Also, you should clean the dirt and eliminate the moisture before putting the axe back in the cover. In addition to that, you should grease the axe if it is stored for a prolonged period for making sure it stays secured from rusting.

  • check
    Manufactured by one of the oldest companies in this field
  • check
    Provide complete value for money
  • check
    Give comfortable grip
  • check
    High-quality material used
  • check
    Available in many different sizes
  • Can’t be used as hammer as its head can break

Wetterlings Saw118 might be one of the costliest axes that you can find in the market, but its high-quality material and design justify its price tag. Its handle comes with the hand-stamped Les Stroud insignia stamp that proves how authentic this product is. Some of the most amazing features of this product are its beautiful two-tone steelhead, exceptionally crafted handle, and bulleted leather sheath. The manufacturer has kept the security of the users in mind, and that’s why they are giving a leather sheath with this edge. It will allow you to carry this axe safely and conveniently without any harm.  

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This tool is specially made for the people who are looking for something excellent. It also served as the learning vessel for the majority of the people who don’t know much about cutting. The Wetterlings Bushman is a gorgeous axe that will make you love it. It has a sleek design and high-quality material that can last for more than 20 years if kept rightfully.

This axe is loved by the majority of a carpenter who is involved in this work for decades. It is a one-time investment that doesn’t demand many repairs. You can call this axe a perfect combination of great craftsmanship and authenticity. Moreover, it can be the best gift for the people who often go outdoor and love adventures. The quality and features of this remarkable product are nowhere to be matched by anyone. So, if you are one of those people who is looking for something unique, then go for the Wetterlings Bushcraft Axe without thinking further.

  • check
    Beautiful craftsmanship and design
  • check
    Top-class bulleted leather sheath
  • check
    Convenient to carry
  • check
    Authenticity stamp
  • The high price is only thing that might stop you to buy this product

Best Bushcraft Axe Buyer’s Guide

While hunting down the best bushcraft hatchet it is essential to think about what you wish to escape your hatchet. Somebody seeming to thump down trees twice seven days will have something other than what's expected as a top priority than somebody who for the most part utilises hatchet for light outdoors trips each month, or has a whittling side interest. 

With the items depicted above, we will show you some diverse characteristics of these tomahawks, and what to search for. Swedish made tomahawk are frequently significantly made well, and Swedish hatchet steel is regularly excellent. Hickory is likely the most prominent and ideal material for a hatchet handle, as it is stable yet adaptable, and frequently exceptionally agreeable.

Things that you should keep in mind while selecting the best axes

Axe Blade:

Commonly made of steel, the sharp edge of an axe is known as the edge and on each edge of the bit are the rearfoot area of head and toe of the head. Your decision of hatchet edge will rely on how you utilise your hatchet frequently. A curved cutting edge will break wood yet won't sink down profound when you swing and is best to split wood without sticking. Sunken cutting edges cut further and function admirably to fell trees or stripping branches from the storage compartment.

A decent legitimately sloped and honed cutting edge is an absolute necessity have an instrument. It can likewise be risky so put resources into a quality sheath to shield both the sharp edge and you from harm. Cutting corners can be honed with a hatchet document and stone set. As a result of the hardness of the steel edge, it takes work to hone the cutting edge once it is dull.

Axe Handle:

The handle of a hatchet is otherwise called a pole and can be made of a few unique sorts of materials including hickory, metal, and fibreglass. The handle is intended to reduce the power when it is  to hack. While picking the correct survival and bushcraft axe think about the weight circulation, the honed edge, the edge geometry, its outline, and what highlights will give the best general execution.

If you are strolling further separations, at that point, a lightweight hatchet ought to be considered. The hatchet ought to likewise be very much adjusted, and the head ought to be lined up with the handle to get the best cutting activity.

Axe Head:

The arrangement of the head influences the cutting capacity of your hatchet. Trust it or not, tomahawks made a similar way can change in how the head and handle adjust. It's best to examine each hatchet in stock preceding obtaining any model. Handle the head in your grasp. The bit as you look down it, ought to adjust precisely along the handle toward the haft toe.

You likewise need to consider how much the hatchet head weighs. Lighter head tomahawks are less demanding to transport and more straightforward to utilize one-gave like an axe if you hold it near the head. The heavier a hatchet head, the more successful it will be in cutting. 

Choosing the appropriate size axe:

Handle the hatchet head with cutting edge forward in your grasp, arm out and tuck the handle into your armpit. The toe of haft should efficiently settle in your armpit. For grown-up guys, picking a hatchet along these lines implies it will have a more drawn out handle yet don't dither to choose a shorter handle on the off chance that you confirm that is the thing that you require. Taller individuals, more than 6'4", will discover a handle more like 36 crawls long less demanding to utilize. 

There are in certainty distinctive kinds of tomahawks. The significant contrast is in the length of the handle. The regular length for a great many people to be agreeable is between 21 and 23". Think about how to fit the instrument into your BOB or rucksack, the material it's made of, and the solace of the hold notwithstanding how it will be utilized.

Handles go long from longer destroy, felling, and wide tomahawks to the ¾ hatchet, woodland, woodworker tomahawks, to axes, and the short child of the group, the tomahawks. Since quite a while ago took care of tomahawks are intended for two gave utilize (30-33" handles), mid-length handles can be utilized solitary or both when the event calls for it, though shorter ones, called axes, are less demanding to use with one hand (14-16" handles).


To conclude, we can say that the selection of a bushcraft axe dramatically depends on the one’s preferences and need. The most exciting method to make a right decision is by choosing the axe from the category that suits your budget and makes you feel comfortable. However, the above mentioned are the five best bushcraft axe that ever produced in this field. 

Our team has always tried to make sure our readers get the most sophisticated information so that they always make a right choice. That’s why we have only included those axes that are manufactured by using top-quality material and give you best experience. If you any query or suggestion regarding this post, you should feel free to write it in the comment section. We will try to answer at the earliest.

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