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This includes the best erasable pen which is designed to provide convenience. Simply put, these pens are designed to let you write and erase repeatedly, without causing any compromise to the quality of your documents. Whether you want to complete Sudoku and crossword puzzles without making a mistake or a hole in the paper Or perhaps when you want to keep calendars organized even when your schedule changes. 


Alternatively, when you want to take notes, edit homework or develop high quality written content, using an erasable pen has its inherent benefits. Most high-end erasable pen brands also incorporate their products with additional features. These other features go a long way in improving the performance of the pen and your general performance as well. We have identified some of the top pens along with a comprehensive buyers guide to help you in making informed choices.

5 Of The Best Erasable Pen Comparison Chart


Product Name

Product information


Pilot FriXion Clicker Retractable Erasable Gel Pens

FriXion Gel Pen - 0.7 mm Pen Point Size - Assorted Ink - 7 / Pack

Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pens

Color- Assorted Colors, Point Type - fine

Pilot Frixion Ball Knock Retractable Gel Ink Pen

Color- 10 Colors, Point Type - 0.5 fine

Paper Mate Gel Pens

Color - Assorted, 

Point Type- Nice

Paper Mate Erasable Ballpoint Pen

Size:5-Count Color:Black, Product Packaging:Standard Packaging

Top 5 Best Erasable Pens Reviews

1. Pilot FriXion Clicker Retractable Erasable Gel Pens

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Discover the excellence of the Pilot Frixon Clicker Retractable Erasable pen. This pen combines the convenience of using a retractable pen with the incredible erasable gel ink. Additionally, the pan allows users to erase and rewrite repeatedly without compromising a document. The eraser at the top of the pen is retractable by pressing a particular clip down for added user convenience. Furthermore, the pen also has a unique thermosensitive gel ink formula that disappears with the erasing friction. The pen is also available in various assorted colors for added user convenience. As a result, the pen is ideal for mistake-free writing performance for parents, professionals, and teachers. More so, the tip of the eraser is also durable, and it won't leave any crumbs behind. The pen is also available with erasable ink technology that is available in various point sizes and styles. Designed with a retractable pen, design in a 0.7mm excellent point, this pen makes it easy to retract the point of storage. For those who prefer an extra excellent pen point, this erasable pen is also available in a 0.5mm design, and it also has capped design. Taking things to the next level, this pen also has a unique chisel tip construction. This ensures clean and clear marking.

2. Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pens

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The friXion erasable gel ink pen writes smoothly just in the same way as a regular pen, but it allows you to erase at any time. As a result, you can perform unlimited projects since then pen allows you to write and erase repeatedly. Whether you are not taking, office setting or perhaps completing schoolwork, this pen is ideal for your needs. The technology available in this erasable gel ink pen is also available in various colors for added user convenience. Aside from that, the pen is available in multiple colors which makes it a highly convenient addition to your regime.The special formulation makes it simple to change color which makes it highly convenient for your needs. Further lending to the superior design of the pen is that it has ergonomic features. This means that its comfortable on the users hands especially during large-scale projects. Based on designs that average at 30 years, this pen provides long lasting and high-quality performance required of a professional. More so, the specially made ink is not only durable, but it can also be used to produce rich content. This pen is also durable enough to withstand the effects of temperature changes and it erases smoothly as well. Designed with an eraser that is conveniently placed at the tip of the pen, this pen makes it simple to edit and prepare your content.

3. Pilot Frixion Ball Knock Retractable Gel Ink Pen

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Are you searching for the perfect solution to improve your performance in writing or editing documents? Consider the Pilot Frixion Ball Knock Retractable pen that is available with special ink. This allows you to erase your writing without damaging your documents. The pen is not only available with a retractable design, but it also comes in a sleek body. This lets you complete your projects with both style and class. More so, users will also appreciate the subtle yellow color that comes along the barrel side to demonstrate when the pen is extended. With the exclusive rubber tip design at the end, users can erase conveniently without having to cap or uncap the pen. The pen also writers and erases smoothly, without leaving a trace. Refills are also available for specific colors and different point sizes. Besides that, low temperatures will also cause the ink on the pen to reappear for added convenience. The pen is available in high-quality ink that makes it simple to erase repeatedly and to produce quality content at the same time. More so, this erasable pen pack is available with additional items such as an eraser and replacement pens for added convenience.

4. Paper Mate Gel Pens

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Equip yourself with the Paper Mate Gel pen that is smoother than conventional ballpoint inks. This erasable pen is comfortable and with a contoured design that fits into the user's hands for convenient writing. More so, the pen is available in a 0.7mm medium pint design for precise and consistent writing. The transparent ink window makes it simple to keep track of the ink each time. Users will also appreciate that his pen is available in different colors including red, pink, orange and purple. To keep your hands comfortable as you write the content, the pen has a soft grip design. This is designed to rest easily on your hand, and the translucent ink window is ideal for keep track of the ink More so, the soft grip that is contoured allows for all day writing comfort. This design is backed by a sleek and simple to control shape, for added writing performance. Similar to all the high-quality best erasable pens, this version is available in as many as three point sizes. As a result, users can easily customize the details and appeal of their written content with ease.

5. Paper Mate Erasable Ballpoint Pen

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Take your performance to the next level by using the Paper Mate erasable ballpoint pen. This entire set is the perfect addition to any savvy worker, and it's also durable as well. Additionally, the paper mate erasable ballpoint comprises the ink that is pressurized. As a result, the pen writes smoothly and at any angle. More so, users will also appreciate the technologically advanced ink that erases ink cleanly, and it also provides high-quality results. The entire set is also available with a special eraser that is durable and compatible with erasable inks. In fact, the manufacturers have done well to place the eraser on the cap to fix mistakes and for added convenience. As a result, this pen is suitable for various purposes including around the home, school and at work. Similar to the different high-quality pens that are available, the Paper mate has a soft grip construction. This provides all-day comfort to suit your large scale or professional projects. The pen is also available with different colors and tip constructions for improved performance. Best of all, the pen has a specially made ink that can last for several applications.

Best erasable pen buyer's guide

Before purchasing any erasable pen for your needs, you need to consider various factors for the best results. We have identified some of the elements, and they include:

Ink Quality :

Perhaps one of the leading features of an excellent erasable pen is that it the ink should provide the stipulated benefits. In particular, the ink should be pure to erase, and it should provide long-lasting benefits at the same time. More the ink should be resistant to the effects of changing temperate or exposure to elements. That said, the ink should be simple to erase by using the conventional pen erases and without compromising the structure of your document. There, choose a pen that provides the ink that can sub-communicate value and is appealing enough.

Color diversity and quality:

Your chosen pen should also be available in various types of colors. This is especially true since getting a pack of assorted top class erasable pens is convenient. Owning multiple color pens means that you are dynamic enough to come up with rich content and with added customization capabilities. Also, ensure that you evaluate the quality of the color produced by the pen. This is important especially if you want to make a good impression on your work as an artist or as a professional writer as well.

Tip construction:

The design construction of the tip of your erasable pen is also key. In particular, you need to evaluate whether your chosen pen is available with dynamic and high-quality chisel tip constructions. For instance, a good pen should be available in different types of tip constructions that have different sizes. This might include the 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 1mm tips. More so, an excellent erasable pen set should be available with tips of various sizes. This might consist of the chisel, ballpoint or flat suggestions as well. To be specific, the ballpoint is ideal for those who want to edit or prepare documents. Additionally, the chisel and flat tips are for artists who want to come up with high-quality content.

Ergonomic and durability features:

Another equally important aspect of the best erasable pen is that it should be comfortable in your hands. This includes an ergonomic or soft grip contour design that allows for all day writing purposes. On top of that, the pen should also have a sleek and appealing design that lets you complete your projects in style. More so, a high-quality pen also lets you sub-communicate value to your peers or clients. More so, the pen should be durable enough to withstand the various activities associated with completing your projects.

Consider your needs:

The purpose of purchasing the erasable pen should also be evaluated. This is especially true since different erasable pens are available with as many various design features. Whether you are a student, professional, writing enthusiast, an artist and more, ensure that you consider your needs. For instance, the needs of the student and an artist might be quite different when it comes to choosing the ideal pen. In particular, the student might only require a set of ballpoint erasable pens, while the artist might need a more comprehensive set. More so, these writing products are often available with different design features and qualities, which mean that you have to be perceptive.

Other considerations:

  • Brand- similar to purchasing any product, consider the brand since this will determine the quality performance of the pen.
  • Retractable features- consider features such as retractable design which helps to maintain the pen performance and for convenient storage.
  • Pen Pack features- the ideal erasable pens are often available in packs that have extra items such as erasers and additional pens.
  • Material construction- a good pen is made using high-quality materials that are both durable and appealing as well.
  • Pen accessories- you also need to evaluate whether the replacement parts and resources for the pen can be easily found.


Taking all the important things, into perspective there is no room for poor decision making when it comes to completing your written projects. Making informed decisions often has its inherent benefits, and this includes owning the best erasable pen. These pens are simple to use and they ideal for those who are involved in various editing projects. This is why we highly recommend that you consider investing in one of these pens for improved performance and convenience. We chose these pens based on our immense knowledge and experience with pens and related products. As a result, we guarantee the best value for money when you invest in any one of these erasable pen sets.

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