The 10 Best Rabbit Hutch Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Are you one of those families who is looking to add rabbits as pets to your home, then you need to buy the best rabbit hutch as soon as possible? This cage can be defined merely as a home for the rabbits where they will live for a considerable period. There are many different designs and sizes available in the market that make it a difficult for the people to select the right one.These hutches have enough space and rooms so that they can roam around easily.


They offer the most comfortable method for giving enough space for your rabbits while making it convenient to take care of their requirements. Along with the standard things, such as a feeder and a water bottle, a hutch is big enough for offering space to play for a bunny. Moreover, you can also add chew treats and bunny toys so that your rabbits don’t get bored. It is the perfect choice for the people who have limited space in their house.

Now, we will tell you about the top 10 rabbit hutch reviews so that you can make your choice easily. Check out each of them carefully:

10 Best Rabbit Hutch Comparison Table And Reviews


Product Name

Dimensions (Inches)


Overall Size: 90.6"L x 27.6"W x 39.4"H

Overall size:69"L X 29.5"D X 41"H

Dimension: 36"Lx22"Wx30"H

Dimension: 38 x 30.2 x 45.9 inches

Dimensions: 48”L X 19.7”W X 41”H

Dimension: 18.8 x 41.8 x 36 inches

Dimension: 24.5 x 53.5 x 21 inches

46.5 x 24 x 36.2 inches

25 x 48 x 36 inches

61 x 20.8 x 27.5 inches

This is the best rabbit hutch that can fit in your backyard and keep your pets in a safe environment. It is the suitable cage for the animals, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, and many small animals. The Pawhut 91” Deluxe Large hutch is the perfect product all the little pets, and they can live in it without any life issues. You can set this set this ground directly so that the pets can feel the grass between their claws or toes. There is a safe and secure place provided by the living area to sleep in.

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The textured roof of this cage ensures that your pet isn’t in poorer condition and get proper protection from the majority of the weather conditions. No matter, you want to keep chickens, rabbits or any other small animal, this coop is the ideal option for their home without spending too much money. This cage can hold six medium size chickens or 4 rabbits. The rabbit hutch comes with all the necessary components, but you need to assemble that.

It is one of those rabbit hutches that comes with multiple ramps allowing the entry of the animal to the inner box. The running area offers open feelings to the pets that can improve their safety and increase their lifespan. The company has used solid China fir construction for making this stylish cage. The overall weight of this product is 73 lbs. That is quite acceptable as compared to the advanced features that come with it. The company has kept the convenience of the customer in mind. It can be the ideal option for the people who are shifting into an urban and suburban home farming place or looking to upgrade their garden. After buying this deluxe coop, you can keep your pet in a home that is stylish as well as functional.

The roof of this cage is made up of the Green asphalt composite that provides increased resistance against the harshest weather conditions. The removable bottom sliding pan makes it easy to clean the wastage. There is also a small entrance with a travel ramp that allows your pet for running in and out in a more natural way. Moreover, the company has a fantastic reputation for building pet houses among the people. They are selling a great range of products for rabbits, birds, and chickens. In addition, they also have a wonderful selection of the best-selling chicken coops.

Flaws that can be neglected

The cage lacks an open roof and doesn’t have a divider. However, these things are not a major reason to worry, and that’s why people are pleased with this product.

Are you looking for a warm house for your rabbit? If yes, then this is the perfect option for it. The Merax Wooden Pet House is an ideal option for living bunny in a comfortable place. The company has used high-quality kiln-dried cedar wood for making this cage. Furthermore, it has waterproof paint on the bottom so that your pet remains warm. In order to fulfill the safety requirements, there is a heavy duty wire used for keeping the bunnies safe from the other creatures.

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This rabbit hutch will give a perfect chance to your rabbit for staying close to nature in a sophisticated manner. There is a removable tray so that the pet owners can clean the cage quickly. Furthermore, the hutch comes with the instructions and hardware so that the people can install it easily. The entire nesting house is divided into two rooms having are the movable roof. You can control the opening and closing of the door with the help of a folding iron hook. No one will ever doubt if someone says it perfact rabbit hutch.

One of the most incredible things about this cage is the large running area that is further connected to the existing house has a ramp. It gives enough space to the rabbits to play here and there. The weight of this product is 33 lbs. that is wonderful for the people who take their bunnies outside. The main motive of the company behind manufacturing this comfortable house is to keep your bunny healthy and happy. The design of this cage is so beautiful that it can increase the status of your home. In addition to rabbits, this hutch can be used for housing other small animals, such as chickens or rats. The company has added an egg box in the cage so that the chicken has an adequate place to lay eggs. The eggs can be taken out just by opening the roof. It has a slant roof design so that the coops can be protected from the rain and used for lots of years. The cage exceeds all the expectations due to its ample space, which is measured at 67”X32”X43”. You can easily access the doors, and the rabbits remain fully secured in it.

The cage is strong enough to withstand all the weather conditions. After looking at its features, we can say that this hutch is perfect for the indoor as well as outside use. It can be easy to clean and perfect for all types of pets.


Overall, it is an exciting choice for the people who are looking for a perfect hutch. Still, it has some flaws that we will explain now. Some buyers have complained about the durability and structure of the product. However, these reviews exist in the minority and that’s why it can be neglected.

It is a stylish and cute rabbit hutch that can even work in the harsh weather conditions. The Pets fit Rabbit Hutch has a solid wood construction and classy design that can give your pet a stylish home. Moreover, this coop is easy to assemble as it comes with pre-drilled holes. The main things that make this product unique are its sturdy construction and attractive style that attracts the majority of the owners.

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The company has painted the cage with the water-based paint that is a plus point for the bunnies. The total weight of the hutch is less than 36 pounds that make it easier to transfer from one place to another. It comes with a 30-day warranty under which company takes full responsibility for all the quality problems.

The air is circulated efficiently so that your rabbit can stay in the cage peacefully without any problem. Also, the cage has an adequate size so that pet can move freely here and there. There are two doors in the cage for easier access to the bunnies. Moreover, you can even remove the box’s bottom floor that can be a blessing for the owners. The dimension of this rabbit hutch is 36” L X 20” W X 30” H where 1-2 rabbits can stay comfortably. This beautiful hutch is easy to clean due to its wider doors. Moreover, there is no need to detach the shelves for cleaning that saves a great amount of time.

The rabbit hutch is made by using waterproof paint that can protect the cage from lots of harsh conditions. Furthermore, the majority of the buyers has found this product extremely durable because of the extra reinforcement available in it. These Pets fit wood hutch is the perfect option for the families who are looking to create a special space for their pet. This cage is available in two beautiful colors for matching your décor. The wooden part offers a shady retreat from the parts when your pet sleeps in the night. It will even be comfortable for the rabbit when there is wet outside. The company has equipped whole structure with the rubber-clad legs for keeping the house of the pet’s home off the ground. Along with that, the pet will be facilitated through dual opening doors at the top.

The pull trays allow the users to clean all the waste created by your pet for making it a stress-free maintenance. In addition to that, the company has equipped this cage with pre-drilled holes so that easy assembly can be possible. You don’t have to worry about assembly work too much after buying this product.

Some drawbacks

The only problem that you have to face after buying this cage is that cleaning can become difficult if you allow the pan at the bottom to fill up with the dirt and the waste created by your pet.

The people who are looking for a cute house where their pet can roam around freely should buy this cage without thinking further. It has an asphalt roof due to which rain never enters the house of the pet and keeps them dry inside. It makes them a perfect choice for outdoor use.

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There is a thick wire in the ample area along with the adequate spacing for ensuring that the pet can breathe without any issue and check out outside while staying safe from the predators. It is the rabbit hutch that comes with three lockable doors with metal so that the pet remains completely safe from any kind of danger. The company delivers this cage in a flat pack and it can be assembled easily without any issue.

The cage can easily accommodate 1-2 normal grown rabbits in its space. There is water based paint used in this hutch that is completely safe for the pets. The manufacturer has equipped a weatherproof roof with this product, which gives it a capability to withstand the snow, mild rain, and wind. The bunnies will be extremely happy to walk in this cage because it is not too slick. They will like this cage due to its super cute design. It is a beautiful product for the people who are looking a home for their litter trained bunnies. This is a multi-story cage that has a classic design and available in two different colors, i.e. white trim and traditional wine red. The people may find this cage on an expensive side, but still, it is the perfect choice if you are looking for a cozy hutch.

The company has used natural cedar wood to manufacture this cage, which is known as pet-friendly material. Additionally, it has a long-life and deals with harsh weather conditions efficiently. There is a big entrance in the hutch that allows rabbit or even a small dog to run in and out without any issue. In simple language, this rabbit hutch is the ideal condo for a pet. Moreover, it can be best for outdoor use due to its stability. The fit finish and features of this cage, make it an ideal option to select.


Some people have complained that it is hard to clean the inside part of the hutch. However, we have had adeepanalysis of this product and didn’t find such an issue.

Merax Chicken Coop is a high-quality wooden house having are sting place, run backyard, and nesting box. This rabbit hutch is made from the fully treated and grooved wood that gives a smooth finish. You can utilize this multi-functional house for your pets as well as your poultry. There is an entirely enclosed sleeping area that will make your bunny feel warm, safe and relax. Moreover, the two removable dividers of the cage transformed it into two nest areas.

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The play area comes with an adequate space so that the bunny can have fun and breathe the fresh air without any difficulty. There is a waterproof paint used for manufacturing the roof that makes the cage more durable and gives long life. It is the best rabbit hutch made from the heavy duty galvanized wire for keeping the bunnies in and gives protection against the predators. This hutch is perfect for bunny use due to its capacious running area and living space. The company has used slant roof on the main part, which gives it a unique look. The multiple door design offers an easier access to your pet. The overall weight of the product is just 33 pounds, making it easy to lift and transfer from one place to another. In addition to the rabbits, this hutch works perfectly for the guinea pigs and other little animals. It is a brilliant hutch that can be used for both indoors as well as outdoor use. This cage will keep your pets insulated from the warm and cold during harsh weather conditions. You can pull out drawer so that it can be easily cleaned. The Firwood used in this cage is known for durability and strength. Furthermore, the waterproof roof provides additional resistance and protection to the bunnies from the outdoor elements.

You can easily clean the cage with the help of the removable drawer. Moreover, it will not take much of your time and you will find it pretty amazing. The walking ramp of the hutch offers a platform for the pet to go on the first floor and come back down to the house. In addition to that, the company has added a built-in window so that air can be circulated properly when the pet rests in the cage. The overall dimension of this rabbit hutch is 80” X 30” X 45.6” that also include the size of the roof. All these things make it a perfect choice for your bunny. The company has designed this product with stripped wooden planks for preventing the wood wear from getting bitten by the pets.

This beautiful rabbit hutch looks similar to a bunk bed because it has two cages that are stacked against each other. The floors of the house can be removed so that you can clean it easily without wasting any time. Each cage has two doors, which offer complete security to the pets. The space of this hutch is adequate for your funny an animal to rest and play without any problem. With this range of innovative features, this cage is an excellent place for letting your rabbits and other small animals live.

Small Drawbacks

There are chances that some parts of the cage might be chewed by your pet. Other than that, this cage is an excellent choice for the people looking to buy a perfect home for their pet.

Welcome Home Hutch merely is a cheerful and perfect looking cage for your naughty pets. The most incredible thing about this product is that this is backed by high-quality. The company has used strong rigid plastic and great quality plywood for manufacturing this strong product. They have designed this product by keeping the needs of the pet in mind. This rabbit hutch has a clean wipe base that makes its cleaning and maintenance very easy. All these features make it a perfect option for the children. It is a beautiful hutch that is available in many different colors, so you never fall out of choice.

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The all-around corners of the hutch feature pet safe wire panels so that your pet never gets harmed in any manner. In addition to that, the cage comes with an adjustable comfort shelf, safety ramp, and no sharp edges. The caster wheels of this rabbit hutch make it easier for the owners to transfer it from one place to another. The slide-out base of the cage makes the cleaning easier for the users. Along with the rabbits, the cage can appropriately accommodate chinchillas, ferrets, and many other small animals.

The biggest benefit of this product is its affordable price so that you don’t have to spend a great amount of money to buy a home for your pet. It is a must-buy product for the people who want a bright and vivid hutch for their pet that can be cleaned in a lesser amount of time. Another advantage of buying this product is the easy access due to the wide front doors. There are double doors that make it possible to have full access to your hands as well as the pet. The sleeping area has cozy space that allows your pet to hide away and rest conveniently. This hutch can be assembled easily by yourself without any need for additional tools. Overall, it is an exciting hutch that will allow your pet to roam around easily in a fun manner.


There is some cheap material used for manufacturing this cage. However, considering its price this hutch is still the best option as an affordable pick.

Domestic Pet Rabbit is a cheap and affordable option for the people who can’t afford a costly one. It is an A-shape hutch that can be easily assembled even by a complete novice. All they need is to have a screwdriver that is enough for assembling this awesome rabbit hutch. Moreover, it is a portable hutch that can be moved around the yard quickly. This hutch just needs seven square feet of living space in your home, making it a wholly convenient. The total weight of hutch is just over 22 pounds and has adequate space for two full-sized hens. All this makes it a perfect choice for permanent animal shelter that offers functionality and looks great.

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This cage features top-grade fir lumber and excellent quality construction that can last for the extended amount of time. This hutch can be ideal for the chickens, guinea pigs, ferrets, and rabbits. It gives adequate space to your pet for sleeping, eating, and playing with the accurate combination of cage and playpen. In order to add strength, this cage comes with a galvanized rustproof wire that makes sure your pet stay in a safe environment. On the other hand, waterproof non-toxic stain adds durability to the cage. The company has created this cage from Fir wooden that is sealed with a heavy duty powder covered wine and a water-resistant non-poisonous stain. So, if you are looking to buy an inexpensive home for your pet, then this cage can be the best choice that you can make.


The wood of the cage is so soft that some people complaints about that. However, still, it isn’t a bigger problem as compared the price you have to pay.

Are you looking for a safe and secure hutch for your pet, then shopping this Prevue Pet Rabbit is the best choice that you can make. Made from a fine weather-resistant fir tree lumber, this hutch can provide complete protection to your pet from harsh weather. It is a thoroughly constructed hutch that comes with some additional security features double door locks and a lid latch.

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The Asphalt shingle top of this cage is water-resistant so that your pet can stay protected from the rain and other inclement weather. There is a debris tray in the bottom that can be removed separately with the help of foot-friendly floor grille. It makes it possible to clean the cage more easily. Furthermore, the users can remove the interior panels for having a better space and easier access to the cleaning and maintenance. The cage is also equipped with an offset door that gives enough space to attach a water bottle so that pets can easily access refreshments. Another exciting thing about this gorgeous rabbit hutch is its eco-friendliness, and that’s why it has little to no effect on the environment.

The dimension of the cage is 46.5” X 24” X 36.25” that makes it ideal for housing larger rabbits or chickens. In order to maintain the longevity of the product, the manufacturer has advised the buyers to treat the cage with a non-toxic sealant and offer protection to it with a tarp. This beautiful rabbit hutch can be assembled in a matter of minutes with the help of a screwdriver.


The nuts of the cage are made up of very cheap quality that has to be changed after some time. However, it is a small investment for your pet.

It is one of the best hutch that comes with a contemporary design and double-story shelter. It is the perfect place for your small pets due to the ample space that enables them to move freely inside the cage. The company has used lightweight and rot resistant fir lumber so that a sturdy structure can be manufactured.

In order to add a modern style to the cage, the company has added an Auburn finish with white trim. There is an outside retreat area in the cage through which rabbit can go to a small storage house situated on the first level. In addition to that, it also has a plastic slide-out tray having a black finish so that the cage can be maintained and cleaned easily. There are two doors in the hutch, one is situated in the front and another one on the back for easier access. Moreover, it is perfect for the outside use due to its water and weather resistance.

The most incredible feature of this rabbit hutch is the nesting box that provides a safe indoor space for your pet to sleep and rest comfortably. The company has also taken rabbit’s safety seriously, and that’s why they have enclosed the outdoor space with the rabbit-friendly wire for keeping them safe from the predators. After buying this hutch, you have to assemble it with the help of a screwdriver. It is very easy to set up this rabbit hutch. This cage can accommodate 2 to 3 rabbits without any issue. Along with that, the hutch is ideal for the guinea pigs. The overall weight of the cage is just 40 lbs. That makes it easier to transfer from one place to another. This product comes with a 90 days money back guarantee so that the buyers get enough time to know about its quality.

Flaws that can be avoided
There are some flaws in this product that doesn’t create many problems for the users. It lacks wheels and shelves that might be a problem for some people. Also, the cage doesn’t have a feeder and water bottle inside it.

Trixie Rabbit Hutch is a perfect cage for the single & smaller breed rabbits. You can also accommodate guinea pigs in this beautiful hutch. It has a solid construction with glazed pine finish that makes sure it can withstand for years of use by demanding very little maintenance. There is a retreat area having sliding doors on the upper level for making sure your pet can move around conveniently. The cage comes with a spacious design that offers complete protection from the weather and gives adequate space to the bunny for roaming around. Furthermore, the durable construction holds up the elements efficiently.

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If you are looking to accommodate hens on this cage, then there is a hinged roof that makes an easier egg collection. It is a two-story hutch having an upper retreat area that is divided with the help of the sliding door. You can keep your rabbits protected and gives them enough space to exercise in the cage. The run can be opened from top and removed & attached by using metal hooks. Moreover, the brand name Trixie Pet Products is enough for you to buy this best hutch. It is a German company that is known to bring innovative consumer products by using the latest technology. They are the manufacturer of the items for small animals, fish, dogs, and reptiles. The company has manufactured each product by keeping the interests of the animals in mind. That’s why they have added non-slip ramp and hatch doors for restricting access between first and second level.

If you want to give a bright home to your rabbit at an affordable price, then buy this hutch and make their life exciting.

The only con that associated with this hutch is that it doesn’t come with the water bottle and bowl. You have to buy it separately by paying extra charges.

How to choose the best rabbit hutch?

It can be quite tricky to choose the best rabbit hutch due to the full range of choices, designs, and colors available in the market. However, our team has undergone an in-depth research to find the right criteria for selecting the right one. Check out the following points in detail so that you can make your choice easily:

Cage Doors:

The doors of your cage should be large enough so that it can fit your arms and the rabbits while lifting or bring them out. That’s why it will be great to buy one having big doors. It will not only help your pets live comfortably but make it easier for you to clean the hutch’s interior more easily.

Along with that, it is important to have at least one side door on the side so that your rabbits can just move in and out when required without worrying regarding their security and safety

Cage Bars:

Nowadays, the cage bars are manufactured by using different types of materials. Some of them are galvanized whereas others are power or plastic coated so that it won’t rust. So, selecting a cage bar only depends on the one’s preference. However, the hutches with plastic coatings cage bars should be avoided as the rabbits are chewers and they can wear off them easily.

Cage Design:

There is a need to invest a great amount of time for making the rabbit's litter trained, and that’s why a reliable floor can work perfectly beautiful as it is not much difficult to clean. The majority of the rabbit hutches comes with the wire floors for making the cleaning easier. On the other hand, they can be uncomfortable and results in sores in rabbits. So, you should go for rabbit hutch that doesn’t have wire floors.

Instead of that, the wire floors should be covered with the grass mats, a piece of wood or grass so that the rabbits can sit on it comfortably.

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There are many reasons behind the fact that rabbits are known as one of the most popular pets in the North America. They are charming and loving animals that should be kept in the perfect rabbit hutch. You can select any of the above choices as per your requirements and budget. Each of them has its unique benefits and features that can cater people of different tastes. So, what are you waiting too? Buy a new hutch for your pet now!

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