How To Take Care Of Your Car

For most people, checking the car before any drive might seem to be a waste of time. Filling the fuel tank is not enough, there are other things that you need to do to ensure that your car is in the right condition. Even if you have a scheduled maintenance checkup for your car, you still need to take care of your car.

Regular car care is important because it extends the life of your car. You can also detect problems at early stages and take the right measures and this will prevent you from spending too much money on repairs.

 If you are wondering how you can take care of your car, this article provides you with some important tips you need to know about taking care of your car. Keep reading to find more details.

Engine oil

You need to check the engine oil regularly to know when you need to add oil or if there is a leak. You can use a dipstick to check the level of the oil. Park your car on an even surface so that you can get the correct measurements. If you notice the level of engine oil is low, fill the tank but don't overfill it. Also, if you notice some leaks, do repairs accordingly.

Clean the interior and exterior

Cleaning your car is a tiresome chore but very easy. If you want your car to have a nice look, you need to keep the interior and exterior clean. After using your car for about a week, there are high chances of dirt, road salt accumulating. You can wash the car every week to remove grime and dirt that end up damaging the interior and exterior of your car.

Check the brakes

You don't want to hit the road with faulty brakes. You can check the brakes to ensure they are working well. For instance, you can check the brakes at least thrice a year. But if you drive frequently for longer distances, you can examine the brakes more times. If you are not conversant with the job, you can always have a professional check it for you at a servicing shop.

Check the tire pressure

Having the right tire pressure not only keeps you safe but helps you save more money. Improper tires can be tires that are over or under inflated. If your car has improper tires, this means that it will not stop well and it also increases chances of experiencing a blowout. Make sure the tires have the right pressure for fuel efficiency and longer life.

 You can also inspect the tires to find out if there are cuts, uneven wear or sidewall bulges.

Check/change the air filter

With time, the air filter can accumulate dirt. Take the air-filter and hold on a strong light. If you do not see light, then you need to replace the filter. Experts advise changing the air filter every 30000 miles.

Check the exhaust system

You can also perform some under-car inspections to check out if there is rusted exhaust parts that require replacing. You should also check if there are loose clamps that need tightening. If you don't want to do the inspection, you can have it done in a shop when changing the oil.

 When you are driving be keen and listen to the sound of the exhaust. If you find problems with the exhaust, it is advisable to replace the entire exhaust system instead of sections.

Clean the radiator

The presence of debris in the radiator can cause it to overheat. Using a soft brush and detergent solution, you can clean the outside of the radiator to prevent overheating.

Check the battery

There are a lot of things to do when it comes to taking care of your car. Many people hardly remember to check the condition of the battery. To ensure that the battery is functioning well, check if the battery terminals and cables are well attached without corrosion. If the car battery has features removable caps and you live in warmer climates, inspect the level of the fluid after a few months.

Clean the windshield

A dirty windshield affects your view on the road and this can be a safety hazard. Wash the windshield regularly using a squeegee at the gas station to ensure you get a clear view after a long drive.

Clean the mirrors

Mirrors are important because they help you see the back when you are driving. The last thing you want to have when driving is dirty mirrors.  If you have clean rear and front mirrors, then you can enjoy driving safely.

Replace bad headlight bulb

As soon as you realize one of the headlight bulbs is not working, you should replace it immediately. You can experience a bad time driving home when it is dark only to realize that one of the headlights isn't functioning or has a dim light.

Store your car

If you are not planning to use your car for some time, make sure you store it properly. One of the best ways to store your car is having a car cover. If you do not store your car well when it is not in use, you can experience a dead battery, hurt engine or creatures living in the car. You should know how to choose the correct car cover that suits your vehicle model.

Park in the shade

Parking your car in the hot sun can cause damages on both the interior and exterior. Not only does the UV rays fade the paint, melt plastics but also causes cracks on your car's dashboard. Park your car under a tress and if there are no trees, find a good sunshade.

Use engine flush at regular interval:

If the engine is used for a long time, sludge, gunk and carbon deposits can accumulate in your engine. Thus, reduces the power and longevity of your engine. These deposits can also increase wear and affect your fuel economy. A professional engine flush removes most of the deposits and drains them out.  An engine flush will surely keep your engine parts clean and effective. It also increases the longevity of your engine to a greater extent.

Final words

Taking care of your car keeps it functioning well. It is easy to find out when your car has a problem hence take the necessary precautions. Additionally, taking care of your car gives it a longer life and a good look.

 The above are some effective tips that will help you take care of your car like an adult. You don't need a professional to do these things especially if you love car DIY tasks.
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