Scooters VS Motorcycles: What’s Better For Commuting?

Be it a scooter or a motorcycle; a two-wheeled vehicle is great for commuting. But which one should stay on the top of choice? Which one should you prefer? This decision might put anyone in a dilemma. This choice depends on a lot of factors. We’ll discuss all those facts here.

In some situations, scooters might perform and in others, motorcycles might. So, it’s very difficult to rank one over another. We can compare them to each other to come to a decision. Below we have presented some of the comparable facts.

Size of Engine

  • Scooter engines mostly vary from 50cc to 250cc or nowadays more in size.
  • Motorcycle: Most motorbikes vary from 200cc to 2000cc or more.

Fuel Efficiency

  • Scooters of recent times are more fuel efficient. At an average, one scooter can go 130 mpg (miles per gallon).
  • Motorcycles’ have an average fuel efficiency of 40 to 90 mpg. Newer models have more efficiency than that.

Fuel Tank Size

  • Scooters have smaller fuel tanks. They need to be refilled now and then if you are using them for long-distance commuting.
  • Motorcycles have larger fuel tanks. For traveling to distant places, you might just need to refill once in the way.

Learning Process

  • Scooters are easy to learn to ride. One who knows riding bicycles will face the least trouble to learn to ride a scooter. Most scooters have automatic transmissions and that makes riding a scooter easier.
  • Motorcycles come with both automatic and manual transmissions. Automatic ones are easier if we compare them to the manual ones. But bikes having manual transmission are hard to and complicated to learn in a short period. You need to learn to change gears, operate clutches, etc. You have to learn managing speeds etc.

Storage Space

  • By and large, scooters have storage space below the seat. This under-seat storage space can be used to keep goods.
  • Motorcycles have a little space for storage. You have to bind the stuff there to make sure they don’t fall. If you need more space. You might want to add saddlebags to the bike.

Leg-guarding Shields

  • Scooters are more weather-friendly because they have leg shields. They have leg guard on the front side. During rainy seasons, the leg guards prevent water and mud splashes from reaching your legs. Or for instance, if you are riding a scooter on a very cold and windy day, the leg guard helps to keep your legs warm.
  • Motorcycles do not offer leg guards. That’s why it is hard to ride a motorbike on a chilly winter day or a rainy day.


  • Scooters can reach fewer speed levels than motorcycles. A 150cc motorcycle can offer a maximum of 45 mph (miles per hour). Increased size of the engine can meet higher speed levels.
  • Motorcycles can meet your expectations if you are a high-speed freak. A typical motorcycle can reach up to 80 or 90 miles per hour. Some recent models can exceed 180 kilometers per hour or 110 mph.


  • Scooters have small and thin tires. They are not good for driving on rough terrains. The tires of scooters are more expensive than the ones bikes have. But they last for a long time.
  • Motorcycles have large tires. The wheelbases are big. This helps to keep the bike stable and secure while driving on rough, rocky terrains and at high speeds.

Price Range

  • Scooters are sold at a low rate. A normal first-hand scooter might cost you around a few hundred dollars to a 4 or 5 thousand dollars. There are several models which can cost more according to their style and equipment. You’ll get a luxurious scooter around 5,000 dollars. The price hardy exceeds this amount.
  • The price of motorcycles can vary from 3000 US dollars to 200,000 or 300,000 US dollars. The better features, the more cost.


  • A scooter is easy for turning. They are more maneuverable. The wheelbase of scooters is smaller comparing to other two-wheelers. This makes them easier for maneuvering and turning.
  • Motorcycles have large wheelbases. They are hard to maneuver. You’ll find it difficult to turn them when driving at a low speed.


  • Scooters are made of plastic bodies. They weigh less. They are comfortable to handle and ride.
  • Commuter motorcycles are heavy. This is one for the reasons of the difficulty of turning a bike.

These are some basic factors by which you can find certain differences between scooters and motorcycle commuting. We have presented both the item’s detail on each topic. Now, it depends on you which way you like. There might be some aspects for which you’ll prefer scooters and some other aspects might make you like motorcycles better. Both scooters and motorcycles are outstanding for commuting in their aspects. But if we have to compare which one is better, we should look deeply into each aspect.

If I deliver my opinion, I would say, scooters are better for commuting as they are weather-friendly, they offer storage space, and they are easy to learn to ride and maintain. This is completely my judgment. Some people might not like refilling fuel tanks every often, who might like high speed rides only, who might not want to ride an automotive vehicle. This category of people will naturally go for bikes.

So, as we see, the choice between scooters and motorcycles largely depend on one’s tastes too. So, ask yourself first which one suits you and meets your expectations. Go for that one. Both two-wheelers are great for commuting. But according to me, scooters are better. And, you have to find out which one you prefer. Compare facts with each other to conclude. Happy riding till then!

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